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up Parent Directory 25-Aug-2018 16:59 - directory raw 18-Dec-2015 00:26 - unknown FAT2013.docx 27-Apr-2013 01:20 108k unknown MillsCampuspoly.json 29-May-2013 21:17 8k unknown MillsDataFull.csv 22-Apr-2013 00:32 20k unknown Mills_Enrollment_Geo_1983_2012.csv 24-May-2013 19:39 156k unknown OaklandNeighborhoodsCEDA2002.json 27-May-2013 22:15 1048k unknown OaklandNeighborhoodsCEDA2002.kml 27-May-2013 22:10 396k unknown OaklandNeighborhoodsCEDA2002point.json 27-May-2013 22:43 48k unknown OaklandNeighborhoodsCEDA2002poly.json 27-May-2013 22:43 992k unknown OaklandTracts1940.json 30-May-2013 02:15 584k unknown OaklandTracts1950.json 30-May-2013 01:01 840k unknown OaklandTracts1960.json 30-May-2013 01:31 1244k unknown OaklandTracts1960Data.csv 30-May-2013 02:00 308k unknown OaklandTracts1970.json 30-May-2013 01:54 864k unknown OaklandTrees.csv 27-May-2013 22:03 1884k unknown OaklandZillowNeighborhoods2012.kml 27-May-2013 22:56 852k unknown bus_perf.json 17-Apr-2013 22:31 4k unknown citasa.json 03-Aug-2013 19:25 16k unknown comparisons.json 20-Apr-2013 22:14 4k unknown country_centroids_all.csv 24-May-2013 16:38 28k unknown course_eval_sample01.csv 09-May-2013 20:22 8k unknown course_eval_sample_data.csv 09-May-2013 18:49 4k unknown courseslots.csv 10-May-2014 03:22 4k unknown crimea.csv 10-May-2013 21:37 4k unknown endow-institutions.json 23-Apr-2013 16:43 8k unknown endow-ratio-2005.json 23-Apr-2013 16:42 44k unknown endowments.json 23-Apr-2013 00:59 4k unknown endowments2.json 23-Apr-2013 18:11 28k unknown enrollment_data.csv 06-May-2013 20:14 4k unknown facts_and_trends_201213.csv 28-Apr-2013 05:00 16k unknown fat001.json 19-Apr-2013 17:52 8k unknown fat001_programs.json 20-Apr-2013 01:33 4k unknown flare.json 03-Aug-2013 18:01 24k unknown flowers.csv 09-May-2013 19:00 4k unknown flowers2.csv 09-May-2013 19:06 4k unknown flowers3.csv 09-May-2013 19:17 4k unknown interarrival_times.json 17-Apr-2013 22:31 1308k unknown ischool_courses_fall2013.csv 25-Aug-2018 16:58 4k unknown ischool_courses_fall2018.csv 25-Aug-2018 17:04 4k unknown millsbuildings.geojson 28-May-2013 00:01 24k unknown millsbuildings.json 28-May-2013 18:43 60k unknown millsbuildings.kml 28-May-2013 00:16 24k unknown nybbwi.json 17-Apr-2013 22:31 92k unknown oak_citycouncildistricts.kml 27-May-2013 22:58 124k unknown oakland.json 21-Apr-2013 23:24 316k unknown oakland_citycouncildistricts.json 27-May-2013 23:00 508k unknown oceans.json 21-Apr-2013 17:12 216k unknown plaza_traffic.json 17-Apr-2013 22:30 4k unknown ppol_courses_fall2013.csv 25-Aug-2018 16:55 4k unknown readme-world.json 08-May-2013 15:06 588k unknown service_status.json 17-Apr-2013 19:23 28k [TXT] soc190 three years of data.txt 16-May-2013 03:50 4k unknown spring2013courses.csv 23-May-2013 05:09 24k unknown station_distances.json 17-Apr-2013 20:09 4k unknown stations_graph.json 17-Apr-2013 20:09 64k unknown subway_wait.json 17-Apr-2013 22:31 48k [TXT] subway_wait.txt 19-Apr-2013 20:41 48k unknown subway_wait_mean.json 17-Apr-2013 22:31 4k unknown teaching.json 18-Apr-2013 02:30 4k unknown turnstile_traffic.json 17-Apr-2013 22:31 8k unknown uk.json 22-Apr-2013 00:23 28k [TXT] untitled.txt 23-Apr-2013 00:20 0k unknown us-ag-productivity-2004.csv 21-Apr-2013 17:28 4k unknown us-cities.csv 21-Apr-2013 17:43 4k unknown us-state-centroids.csv 21-Apr-2013 18:05 4k unknown us-state-centroids.json 21-Apr-2013 17:38 8k unknown us-state-centroids2.json 21-Apr-2013 18:58 8k unknown us-state-centroids3.json 21-Apr-2013 22:20 12k unknown us-states.json 21-Apr-2013 17:11 88k unknown us.json 21-Apr-2013 18:38 628k unknown world-110m.json 06-May-2013 20:43 120k unknown world-110m2.json 08-May-2013 18:40 96k unknown world-50m.json 06-May-2013 20:29 760k unknown world-countries.json 08-May-2013 04:09 160k unknown world-country-names.tsv 08-May-2013 05:17 8k

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