This course will run fully online/remotely and is designed to be completed mostly asynchronously meaning that students won't always be working through the course at the same pace. Before diving into course content, click on the "How the Course Will Work" button below for a module to orient yourself to this course specifically and to learning online generally.

Course Materials

Books, course videos, other online resources, practice quizzes, software.

Course Structure

The course is subdivided into 12 modules each linked to below. Each module consists of several "sessions"; you can think of a session as analogous to a day of class or, more likely, a part of a day of class.  As such, sessions will usually have some assigned reading/viewing, a lecture, some interactive activity, and practice problems or assignments.  The material is designed to be sequential so your default plan should be to complete sessions and modules in order and to stick with each one until you have mastered the practice exercises that come with it.  At the end of each module there will be an evaluative activity: a graded problem set and/or a programming problem.

Course Boilerplate