About Me

I am a teacher/scholar with polymathic inclinations. Post lockdown, I was a part of the "great resignation," leaving a position as professor at University of Toronto's Faculty of Information to spend a year as an Academic Program Director with the Minerva Project. At Minerva I worked on computer and data science curricula with universities in the UAE, Europe and Mexico.

At UofT I directed the new Bachelor of Information program, a unique "second entry" bachelor degree that combines technology, design, and critical policy studies and offered graduate and undergraduate courses on "computational reasoning" - the most important concepts from computer science taught as fundamental critical thinking - and "human centered design" - rethinking conventional design thinking by grounding it in sociology, psychology, and cognitive science. I continue to work with the "solutions stream" of the Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society to apply design thinking to AI safety and governance.

Before coming to Toronto in 2018 I was at the University of Southern California where I helped get the Iovine Young Academy for Arts, Technology, and the Business of Innovation up and running, including designing and teaching its signature capstone "The Garage Experience," and developed a curriculum for a "legal design lab" at USC's Gould School of Law with Professor Gillian Hadfield.

My stint at USC came after going from assistant to full professor at Mills College in Oakland where I served, at various times, as department head, chair of the faculty, and founder of the innovation lab. At Mills I taught social theory, research methods, math modeling and simulation, and GIS, among others. I introduced labs into the social science curriculum, helped design a data science program, and worked on many curriculum transformation projects.

I've spent time at large and small institutions, public and private, research universities and liberal arts colleges, and worked at universities in the US, Canada, and Germany. I did a Ph.D. in sociology at Yale after a short career as a software developer following a B.A. in "mathematical, physical, and computer sciences" from New College of Florida.